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MovieSub Wasp Network

duration=2Hours, 7M
Olivier Assayas
Gael García Bernal

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I have lived in Miami for over 30 years and very little I knew about the events occurred from 1991. I remember the “HERMANOS AL RESCATE” planes being shut down by the Cuba government but very little about the spy network and absolutely nothing about exiled Cuban’s terrorists attacks on the Island.
Assayas is working again with Edgar Ramirez (excellent here) but also with the incredible Penelope Cruz (she is perfect in every scene) Gael García Bernal and Leonardo Sbaraglia. None of them Cubans but all excellents in their accents and corporal expressions. Only Wagner Moura fails short but his character somehow disappeared in the middle without many explanations.
Olivier Assayas made a few years back an outstanding six hours mini series about Carlos (with Ramirez as the main character. This one is shorter and perhaps needed more expansion in certain parts; however the history is interesting enough in itself.
In brief; it is worth your time and sometimes the truth is hard to accept and the who are the good guys is a matter or perspective.

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This film doesn’t represent the truth of what really happened and promotes communism ideology.
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This film made it’s way to Netflix today and here is my review for Wasp Network. The premise of the film is based on the true story where Cuban Political Pisoners find home in the US and get up to schemes to assist Cuba.
Main Character
Edgar Ramirez has not had a great few weeks, first The Last Days Of American Crime and now this film. But I actually thought he was okay here, I usually say he is a boring one dimensional actor but he actually showed some heart and emotion here to make you care a bit about him. But you literally learn nothing about his motivations or his character, he isn’t particularly interesting and comes across as a one dimensional character when there was more potential here.
Supporting Characters
Penelope Cruz plays his wife in the film and she does a good job here, she is a strong performer here and you see how she is affected by her fathers actions and how it drives her character and her motivations. It is funny this is the second time this year that Ana De Armas and Wagner Moura have played love interests, first Sergio and now this film. They have good chemistry as you would expect as they have enough practise at it and Moura in particular has some strong scenes here.
Now I know the story that this film is based on is interesting but this film’s story isn’t. I have to be honest I was watching this film and I have finished it and a few hours later I am still not exactly sure what the plot was. There are supporting stories I understood but didn’t really care about but nothing interesting happens. Actually something potentially interesting does happen, but it happens with 15 minutes to go and the film breezes over it leaving anything interesting to rot away.
The script is super generic, there is not one bit of memorable dialogue in this film at all. The film is all over the place in terms of its storytelling and it makes this a difficult film to follow and a difficult one to care about.
The style of the film is very bland, it feels very low budget in the way it is filmed and there is nothing about it that stands out. The pacing of the film moves so slowly and jumps all over the place that you never get truly invested in any part of the film which makes it a tough 2 hours to get through.
Overall, a film that wastes its potential and delivers a really boring film that if it didn’t have some good actors in it wouldn’t be worth a thing, this film isn’t worth a watch and one that should be avoided.

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